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Nov 11, 2012 11:30pm EST
across north america and around the world gathered in baltimore for a jewish convention. details on the importance of today's events. >> temperatures have been on the upswing the past couple of days. but there's also a down side to all of this and we'll talk about it. temperatures mild this evening, considering the time of year. 48 at the airport. downtowns in the mid 50's. >> for the first time in 23450erly 30 years a major national con -- nearly 30 years a major national convention has returned. it has drawn thousands of jews from across america and around the world. >> shalom. as we say in baltimore. >> maryland governor martin o'malley officially welcomed the jewish federations of north america 2012 general assembly, one of the largest conventions of jewish lay leaders, philanthropists and groups, many fresh off coming to the aid of those affected by superstorm sandy. >> your work to help the most vulnerable of our neighbors, including those neighbors of ours in new jersey and new york , we would not have put in the category of vulnerable citizens just 10 days ago, is the mos
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
into the weekend. significantly warmer weather will follow the storm. the weather pattern across north america schists a bit. breezy day tomorrow. highs reaching into the 50's. small craft advisory on the bay. waves up to 3 feet with a strong northwest winds on the day tomorrow. western maryland, a gradual warming trend. even sure, maybe a wintry mix in shore, ing -- eastern maybe a wintry mix in the morning. a lot harder and more on the weekend. from baltimore to mark. mid 60's monday. chance for showers on tuesday. >> dozens of the nfl players volunteered for a cut for a great cause. see for yourself next in sports. ower ball.s p we have an estimated $145 million dollars jackpot. good luck. 32, we have 45. the picture of mark, a fire chief who won $1 million. next up, 34, 52, 58. winning power ball #, 20. =8 >> d.c. comics like the teens will make season. coaches and players the ravens have a lot to accomplish this. they all sat out practice with injuries today. second half of the season begins sunday at home again to raiders treat nicotine gets to november and thinks this is a look it easie
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
general assembly of the jewish federations of north america kicked off. one of the largest conventions of jewish lay leaders, philanthropists and charity groups. eli weisel says pride in jewishness remains under siege. >> israel is still a danger. israel still needs [indiscernible] before.e than ever >> he spoke beside the chairman of the jewish agency for israel. they recounted the 1987 march on washington. it will examine the most impressing issues facing the jewish religion today. another big convention in baltimore. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops opened their general assembly today. church leaders said it will not change their strategy of the marriage are birth control despite the outcome of the election. maryland is one of four states that voted to legalize gay marriage. tomorrow the bishops considers making a statement on the economy. >> people gathered to pay tribute to our veterans in the third annual veterans parade that began on charles street at 10:00 this morning. several organizations were involved, including the buffalo soldiers and members of the rotc. those who
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
with a dramatic turnaround was not good enough for the baseball writers association of america. they chose bob mail yet -- bob melvin and not buck showalter. i was joined on my radio show tonight. he said he was very happy for melvyn. he is streamy exerting. buck acknowledged he feels bad for the organization after losing a chance to win another post season award. the orioles went from last place to second place. above all, buck showalter change the culture. in full swing for the baltimore ravens. the countdown is on. once again, lake in the football season, this rivalry means everything. the steelers. the ravens will be closed for the 11th time as part of this matchup. despite the pressure, it is safe to say john lives for this game. >> it is the best week of the year. it is where we feel our most comfortable. where i feel more comfortable. it is a team that is a did talk -- a defining type of a rivalry. we like being in this week. we like playing these guys. we love the preparation from these guys. it is the best week of the year. both of them. >> if you have not heard, a big question for th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4